Thursday, May 6, 2010


My Message to AIDSAware

AIDSAware is a project to raise awareness on AIDS and also to collect 13,000 messages, in remembrance of the 13,000 people who have passed away from AIDS to date in Malaysia. You can do your part by helping to spread this message in a very simple way.

Take a photo of you with your AIDS Aware message . Example my picture at the top . I already submit my AIDSAware message at . My message is when we protect our self , we can achieve our dreams but when we have AIDS , our dreams will not come true . Do your part okay ! =)

I think creating awareness for fighting AIDS is very important because the public can learn about the dangers of AIDS and diseases that arise by HIV. We can spread the causes of AIDS like drug addicts sharing needles contaminated with HIV infection . We also do not want more people get affected by AIDS like do not want to take care his own family that have AIDS or scare to get close to anyone who related with AIDS .



  1. fight AIDS from yourself n one u love...

  2. @Syafiq Kadiran

    that is true .. thx 4 da comment ! =)


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